Writing the elevator speech

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Have you ever tried to design an elevator speech? The elevator speech not only is useful for describing your business to others, it’s also a valuable tool for catalyzing your business brand in your own mind. Here is a simple approach to writing the elevator speech. Simply copy and paste the below into your favorite word processor and replace the bold-italic parts with your answers. Then, start editing and tweaking until it become authentic for your vision.

Choose as specific an answer as you can and repeat the exercise for every sub section. You’ll be surprised at how easily the answers will come when you are thinking of “a twenty-five year old unmarried female college graduate who wants to start a home business” instead of “any entrepreneur”.

Give it a shot today and repeat every month to observe how your company is evolving over time. It may surprise you. I guarantee you’ll learn something valuable.


Hello, my name is your name with your company. We help specific customer type like you who have the problem specifically describe the problem which costs you describe costs and pain. And that really costs you underlying pain.

We help you by overview of solution. This means you will reduce primary cost and will gain primary benefit. And what that really means to you is deeper benefit. And you can know this is true because give brief explanation of why.